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Seham Negm comments on the article “Building the capacity of adult educators to create inclusive classrooms”

Founder for women liberaded from literacy arab award and Vice president of ICAE

Diversity and integration have become a vital necessity for the sustainability of humankind and in a rapidly changing and rapidly changing world plagued by acute crises and polarized polarization of power and wealth. Diversity becomes a major and controversial argument that can lead to conflict between the minds of power and wealth on the one hand and minds of raising the heart and mind together. on the other hand.

To dismantle this conflict in a smooth, flexible and diverse way. This is achieved through the cumulative construction of capacity development in the direction of a human world characterized by dignity, justice and equality.

If totalitarian diversity is necessary, we aim to empower the adult teachers with a high level of knowledge and skills to create comprehensive classrooms that ensure political and legislative contexts, while limiting the idea of ​​diversity, inclusion and inclusion in the adult education sector. If we look at the other side from the availability of these general conditions, the teacher of adult education with his knowledge and cognitive skills, social and functional skills is a critical mass within the communities of self-management of the classes better not only to create a comprehensive learning environment but to build communities that are important to realize then act by learning and Social and professional skills.


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