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Skills and competencies

Introduction by Sandra L. Morrison
ICAE President and Associate Professor, University of Waikato
(English, Français, Español)

My immediate family is composed of four generations; not unusual by any means but for a short time we were a five generation family. One of my most defining moments was when I was able to look into the eyes of a grandparent with a newborn grandchild playing idly on my knee, both who were completely oblivious to the deeper meaning that I was making of this engagement… PDF, English



Introduction par Sandra L. Morrison
Présidente de l’ICAE et Professeure Agrégée, Université de Waikato.

Ma famille immédiate est composée de quatre générations ; pas inhabituel, mais pour une courte période nous avons été une famille de cinq générations. L’un des moments les plus décisifs de ma vie a été quand j’ai pu regarder dans les yeux d’un grand-parent avec un petit-fils nouveau-né qui jouait sur mes genoux, tous les deux complètement inconscients de la signification plus profonde que je faisais de cet engagement… PDF Français



Introducción por Sandra L. Morrison
Presidenta del ICAE y Profesora adjunta de la Universidad de Waikato.

Mi familia inmediata está compuesta de cuatro generaciones; no es algo inusual, pero por un corto período de tiempo fuimos una familia de cinco generaciones. Uno de los momentos más decisivos de mi vida fue cuando tuve la posibilidad de mirar a un abuelo a los ojos mientras un nieto recién nacido jugaba inocentemente en mi falda, ambos completamente ajenos al profundo significado que este compromiso producía en mí… PDF Español



  1. Participant
    April 7, 2017

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    Comment to the Introduction by Sandra L. Morrison
    (English, Français)

    Babacar Diop, Teacher at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar Bravo to Sandra for this poetic and philosophical introduction. It reminds me a strong recommendation by Confintea 5 in Hamburg in 1997 about the dialogue between generations. It is indeed a matter of exploring with the the dialogue of knowledge, cultures, religions, philosophies, systems, models, actors that can emerge from putrefaction, sometimes bringing new life and moving resolutely towards a better world of progress and solidarity.

    Babacar Diop, Enseignant à la Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines de l’Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar
    Bravo a Sandra pour cette poetique et philosophique introduction. Elle me rappelle une forte recommandation de Confintea 5 a Hambourg  en 1997 ayant trait au dialogue des generations. Cest effectivement a explorer avec le dialogue des savoirs, des cultures,d es religions, des philosophies, des systemes, modeles,des acteurs qu on pourra  sortir de la putrefaction,parfois porteuse de nouvelle vie et avancer resolument vers un monde meilleur fait de progres et de solidarite.

  2. Valerie Miller
    April 14, 2017

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    Dear colleagues, compaňeras and compaňeros,
    Thank you Sandra for your warm welcome and everyone for their thoughtful contributions. Rejoining the ICAE community brings back many memories from the 70s onward of lively debates and laughter, of wild and wonderful imagining, and of questions, conundrums and challenges that remain true today, only compounded by the current context. That said, the dreams and experiences I have shared with so many colleagues from ICAE, the World Social Forum, and beyond have given me great hope in the wisdom and commitment of social justice organizers, educators and activists. How we galvanize that knowledge and practice for the coming struggles is, for me, an overarching question of our time. Remembering conversations with dear friends and compaňeras — thank you especially Mariela Arce, Nani Zulminarni, Hope Chigudu and Lisa VeneKlasen, — the fundamental question can be asked — How do we combine the mighty wisdom of our hearts, minds and bodies in a new alchemy of pedagogy, people, and power?

    Living in the aftermath of Trump’s victory here in the U.S. and working with feminist activists, educators and social movements around the world, the topic of skills and competencies takes on an ever more urgent meaning — what combination is needed to ensure a more just and healthy world in these times so that our communities, our countries, families and grandchildren can thrive across the borders and divisions we currently face.

    In Just Associates – JASS, we are confronting a mix of these challenges as we collaborate with colleagues in strengthening activists, leaders and social movements, often living in contexts of fear, violence and repression. Several questions arise: Looking from an overall perspective – How does our understanding of the many interactions of power, from oppressive to transformative, contribute to our awareness and actions? What do feminism and other pedagogies offer our approaches?

    Looking at immediate threats and violence — What skills and competencies are needed to create spaces and strategies that help protect, safeguard and inspire people and organizations? How does gender play out in these dynamics and approaches?

    Looking at long term sustainability and survival and perhaps the most important question for the future – What capacities and training initiatives are needed to ensure a new generation of organizers, facilitators, popular educators and catalysts capable of energizing and leading social justice processes of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and action – loving, life-giving processes that help reinforce the health and well-being of ourselves, our communities and our mother earth? And what can we learn from current and past experiences that respond to this challenge?

    ICAE offers a unique place to pursue these questions and dreams.
    Thank you and onward,
    Valerie Miller,
    Just Associates

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