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Quazi Faraque Ahmed comments on the article “Building the capacity of adult educators to create inclusive classrooms”

Member of National Education Policy Committee, Ministry of Education, Bangladesh & Chairman, Initiative for Human Development ( I H D ) Member organization of ASPBAE

  1. Explanation needed as to educators supposed to be ‘adult’ if adulthood is meant by maturity, no matter young or old can contribute positively as a teacher.
  2. Strategies to promote reflexivity in adult educators are quite creative.
  3. Broad spectrum of inclusiveness in classrooms may vary in different context, area and dimension.
  4. Creation of an atmosphere of inclusion requires role playing by both the educator and the learner taking into active consideration of the background they come from.
  5. It’s natural that one evaluates the present with the experience of the past. The problem becomes acute when the past experience is that of a remote one.
  6. It’s not easy to foresee the coming events and possibilities but it’s better if the learner is given an idea that the future is not necessarily a follow up or duplication of the past.
  7. Maturity of the educator depends on many factors. If he/she is not considerate of his/her background and those of the learners.
  8. Mere carbon copy of international experience or view cannot render meaningful affirmative impact on the system of education, particularly in the developing and underdeveloped regions of our planet
  9. Recognition of the individual capacity and sharing of mutual experiences and the forward looking view to accept something new is important
  10. The fallacy in the exercise and experiment in educational system lies mostly in theorizing a concept or dogma. Openness and the capability to share others views and culture need to be put on top priority. It’s true that most people forget to accept that theory is mostly an expression, experience and reflection of a given time and period. One may take note of it but should never treat those as a reversal and applicable everywhere every time.


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