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Preliminary Program

1    Introduction by Sandra L. Morrison

2    Article by Alessio Surian „The five skills it takes to build another possible world – learning from and for the World Social Forum“

2.1    Comment by Shirley Walters

2.2    Comment by Sebastián Vielmas

2.3    Comment by Roman Cameron

2.4    Comment by Jorge Osoria

3    Article by Rabab Tamish “Enhancing competencies in the Arab world: issues to be considered”

3.1    Comment by Uwe Gartenschlaeger

3.2    Comment by S.Y. Shah

3.3    Comment by Ayah Abubasheer

4    Article by Dana Bachmann and Paul Holdsworth “The new Skills Agenda for Europe”

4.1    Comment by Shermaine Barrett

4.2    Comment by Aleksandra Pejatović

4.3    Comment by Cristina Maria Coimbra Vieira

4.4    Comment by Farrukh Tyuryaev

4.5    Comment by Carole Avande Houndjo

5    Article by Priti Sharma “Soft skills in non-formal education: building capacities of the youth”

5.1    Comment by Robert Jjuuko

5.2    Comment By Limbani Eliya Nsapato

5.3    Comment by Fanny Gómez

5.4    Comment by Dr. Bolanle. C. Simeon-Fayomi

5.5.    Comment by Valerio Ussene


2nd May  (14:00 Brussels time) – Webinar with Paul Holdsworth about “The new Skills Agenda for Europe”




These are the links to the AED 83/2016 publication in three languages:
Estos son los links para acceder a la publicación en tres idiomas:


Voici les liens vers la publication en trois langues:


Para español favor usar google translator en los casos en que el artículo no está traducido al español
Veuillez utiliser google translator pour traduire les articles qui ne sont pas en français



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